mix service
As a producer it's hard to manage time, between creating your next product & finding idle time to mix them. That's why I offer out my audio engineering abilities at an affordable price that would be foolish to deny. For only $25 I guarantee you a balanced, yet desired mix of your product. And if results do not reach expectations, there is no charge! I'm pretty sure if you hit the search engines right now seek of a better deal, it would never end.

I attended an audio engineering institute in the fall of '07. [www.audioschool.com]
I am highly familiar with the industries standard application [Avid Pro Tools], & mix with the proper equipment to acquire the professional sound that your product deserves.
Prices are subject to change after clientele increases. So, hop on it now!
--View Of My Diploma--
Question: where can I hear your work?
Answer: My "Beat" page of course, you be the judge! Lol

*Again, this offer is strictly for producers, i'm offering of my ability to mix your beats only.
Serious inquiries ONLY,Thank You.*

If you're interested but have questions feel free to email me at: support@dblkmusic.com or the secondary option being my phone: ( 330 )-327-2217