What type if beats are available on your website?

The majority of the beats available at dblkmusic.com are Hip-Hop,Soul,and R&B w/ the occasional Pop, South, New Skool, Reggaetton, and Video Game Scores.

Can these beats be used / sold on my upcoming album or mixtape?

Most Definitely! By purchasing a license from dblkmusic.com you gain rights allowing you to use it for your own project (s) and sell your finished product. ( visit my "Beat" page to see the leasing agreement. )

Do you have free beats available?

Absolutely, by joining my emailing list you will receive a free beat in my monthly updates! ( JOIN NOW!! )

How and when will my beats be delivered?

All beats purchased through dblkmusic.com are untagged; you will receive a link to the download which has a valid window of 1 - 4 hours instantly after the transaction is completed. ( .Wav ) format & Tracked outs are sent directly from me Donta Black via email.

Can I reconstruct the beat I purchased?

Yes, if the layout of the beat is not exactly how you want it, fell free to shorten or lengthen any of the parts throughout. If you have any questions or need help, feel free to contact me via email or phone.


Will the beat (s) I purchase have the "DBLK" tag?

No, once the beat has been purchased you will be granted access to the beat w/ the tag removed. This is only possible on dblkmusic.com; the tagged versions of my beats are cheaper & available at the link below for $11.

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The download link didn't work, what should I do?

All download links are valid from 1 – 4 hrs after a completed transaction.
If you encounter w/ any issues feel free to contact me via email or phone.


Don't want anyone else to use the same beat as me. Can I purchase exclusive rights?

Certainly, to inquire about purchasing exclusive rights to a beat please contact me via email or phone.


What happens if someone purchases exclusive rights to a beat I leased?

Nothing, your lease is still valid for whatever terms were set under the lease you purchased.
Besides email or phone, are there alternative ways to contact you?
Yes, if you have a short question & need a quick response, please send me an IM. You can click the link below to add dblkmusic.com to your AIM buddy list.


Do you have any special offers?

Yes, at the moment one stands, if you ( the customer ) purchase a beat from me and refer me to a friend, or associate, and they
purchase a beat, have them leave your name w/ there purchase and I will discount you on your next purchase 50% x quantity of beats purchased!