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-Allow you to use the beat for commercial use or live performance.

-You can distribute up to 2,000 units if you surpass that limit you are entitled to purchase a new lease, If not the Exclusive Rights to the instrumental.

-You are restricted to reselling the beat.

-Full production credits must be acknowledged to Donta Black on all commercial recordings & distributions.

-Upon your purchase of a Non-Exclusive Lease, I the seller posses full rights to the instrumental(s) and am able to resell the beat until The Exclusive Rights Lease has been purchased.

Non-Exclusive Price Range: $20 - $ 50


-Exclusive Rights are more expensive, due to the fact the buyer will obtain full rights to the instrumental(s), If you are confident in creating the next hit record, and would like to be the only artist allowed to use the instrumental(s), this is the best option for you & any serious musician.

Exclusives Price Range: $50 - $1000